Zuel FAQ Why Do You Charge For Shipping?

Most online businesses hide the cost of shipping by bumping up the price of their products to incorporate it. For a long time, we tried to do that (thanks Amazon Prime!). Unfortunately, the rates move up quite often and we aren’t able to raise our prices to reflect that.

What’s the difference if you pay it in one column or another, right? You’re still paying for it, and everybody knows there is no package transport fairy! 

So here’s what we’ve done. From now on, we are charging for what our food costs to make, and then you will be billed at checkout for exactly what our shippers charge to get the meals fresh to your door. As I’m sure you’re familiar by now when ordering for yourself with Grub Hub, Uber Eats, etc. there’s a cost associated with having these great meals brought to your doorstep.

Thanks as always for understanding!