Zuel FAQ How Do I Dispose Of The Packaging Materials?

Great question! Our goal when choosing our packaging materials is to always maximize the convergence of being environmentally friendly, having an efficient combination of materials, and cost effectiveness.

Our gel packs are made with a tough, recyclable polyethylene plastic that is proven to be puncture-resistant and resist tears during rigorous handling.

Our gels can be reused, donated to local food pantrys or drain the contents into the trash and curbside recycle the outer lining.

Our liners are curbside recyclable. They are made with a 100% paper interior, cased inside a recyclable plastic outer lining.

They are custom sized to our various box sizes, so we optimize the packaging process based on your order size.

Our boxes can be curbside recycled.

If your delivery still has dry ice in it, please place it in a well-ventilated area at room temperature; the remainder of the ice will sublimate away. Never dispose of dry ice in a trash can, chemical waste container or other garbage/waste can.