Zuel FAQ How Did You Determine Zuel's Price?

Zuel is priced on us using the best ingredients for your Frenchie. We all know how amazing these dogs are. How they instantly become members of the family. We all also know that they just seem to suffer from so many issues that are allergy related. 
Because most of the food that is sold to them is full of things that they are allergic to! What would your skin look like if you were eating something you had an allergy to everyday? 
We aren't just talking grains and soy but even most proteins, especially chicken have given Frenchies big issues!
The answer was to bring in only nutrient dense, hypo allergenic ingredients. This resulted in a recipe based of fresh ground lamb taken from a whole saddle, fresh lamb liver, butternut squash, fresh cranberries and local kale and green beans. Not to mention the very important fish oil to round out the nutritional profile. 
Of course, lamb in particular is much more expensive than almost any other protein used in food. But we feel it's important to offer the best, and what works for Frenchies and their issues. We all know how quickly the vet bills can pile up and what it's like to watch our beloved pups suffer from licking, itching, fur loss, indigestion, etc. 
We are quite confident that once your Frenchie tries the food you will love the results and so will they. We offer a money back guarantee so if you try the meals and it doesn't work out, no worries. 
Thanks so much for trusting us to feed your Frenchie.